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Stories From The Road

Vox Residency

VOX RESIDENCY & SHOW November 16th 2018 Je suis de retour au VOX en novembre pour une résidence de préparation de tournée. Je suis heureuse de retrouver l'équipe du VOX qui m'avait accueillie pour [...]

VOX show report

The VOX Show report It was such a long time waiting to play on stage again ! I had so much pleasure and fun to play my new songs at [...]

Mixing in Paris

Mixing in Paris I’m in the train back from Paris, we have just finished mixing the tracks of the new album with Richard Turek, who already mixed « [...]

Greatest memories

Rehearsals & Stages Old Dates 2013 14/03 : Capucins (Lyon) 17/05 : Capucins (Lyon) 23 mai : Assommoir (St-Etienne) 09 juin : smoking dog (Sainté) 12 [...]

“And I just remember you coming with the sun again, the sun over my shoulders, the sun overflowing my heart.”

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